Shabbos Dinner Vegetarian Package

Brand: Glatt Meals
Category: Shabbos Meals
Rabbi Gornish

This Dinner Package Includes Dinner, Lunch and Suddat Shlit For One Person. Meals are Prepared Fresh made to order. These Meals can be Heated in a Microwave, oven and/or hot plate. All Meals are Double Plastic Sealed Wrapped

Shabbos meals include:
1 Grape Juice 32 oz
1 Packaged of rugleach

Friday Dinner:
Corn Cutlets
Corn Salad
Mashed Potatoes
2 Challah Rolls

Saturday Lunch:
Chicken Flavored Nuggets
Cole Slaw
Mashed Potatoes
2 Challah Rolls

Saturday Suddat Shlit:
Tuna Salad
Cucumber Salad
2 Challah Rolls


Rabbi Gornish

Rabbi Gornish

Brand: Glatt Meals
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