What Is Kosher

What does Kosher mean?

Kosher is not a style of cooking, nor does it imply that food is blessed in some way by a Rabbi. The Hebrew word kosher means, fit, correct or proper. The term Kosher has become synonymous with purity, quality and high standards of preparation. 
The process of certification does not involve "blessing" the food; rather, it involves examining the ingredients used to make the food, examining the process by which the food is prepared, and periodically inspecting the processing facilities to make sure that kosher standards are maintained. 

Kosher Fact Sheet

Where Koshering is the term kosher means "clean, fit or proper." Its origins can be traced back to ritual requirements referenced in the. These rituals were highly regarded and are still followed today, thousands of years later. The exacting attention to preparation and unmatched old world flavor explain why more than two-thirds of all kosher products are bought by non-Jewish consumers for their superior quality and excellent taste. Kosher Foods ensures that the kosher process is adhered to from generation to generation.

The Kosher Process

Only healthy animals can be slaughtered for use in kosher foods. This includes cattle, sheep, goat and deer. Kill of thy herd and of thy flock which the Lord hath given thee each animal must be properly killed, following the biblical mandate that one must not cause pain or suffering to any living creature. Then animal is thoroughly examined by a highly trained kosher inspector for adhesions, cuts or bruises. If defects are discovered, the meat is rejected.

Only the forequarters of the animal are used for kosher processing, including the chuck, rib, navel, brisket and shank. From these pieces, specialists carefully remove the veins, arteries and certain non-acceptable fats. Process is complete, the meat goes through the act officially called "koshering." This phase begins with soaking the meat in water for 30 minutes to further remove blood or impurities. After the meat is soaked, it is thoroughly salted. The salted meat then stands and drains for one hour, when it is rinsed thoroughly.

Head of Institution: Rabbi Yisroel Pinchas Gornish
Administrator:  Kheal Chizuk Hadas of Flatbush
Address: 1421 Avenue O  Brooklyn  11230  New York 

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