To all our loyal customers

As you all aware, due to the Corona Virus, all our chain of suppliers in Israel and US are closed for business. Ports not releasing shipments, no tracks and even our employees are forced to stay home.

We cannot accept any new orders at this time until further notice.

We will do our very best to fill any orders already placed in the order they got received and as we get any products back in stock.
We hope this situation will be changed for good soon and you understand this is not in our control.

Stay safe! Thank you very much, Management.

About Us

Welcome to,

 Our mission is simple-
To provide you with the best kosher food & kosher products with great service at the lowest prices possible.
We take pride in our company, and our commitment to customer service is known among our clients. 
Our online Kosher food & kosher groceries store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.
At Avi Glatt you can find a complete kosher bakery, all kinds of kosher cheese and kosher meat.
The kosher meat department provides not only kosher lamb, kosher veal and kosher chicken. You can find delicious kosher deluxe meats, such as kosher marinated meat and superb glatt kosher beef steaks.  
The shelves at Avi Glat are not only packed with fresh glatt kosher food products but Kosher frozen foods are also available.

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