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FAQ » Ask Us A Question
» any require for someone to be home for delivery?
» Is the free ground shipping over $100 apply to NJ deliveries?
» Are all the dairy/DE products in your Purim gift baskets Cholov Yisroel?
» your website says delivered anywhere. Can you explain what that means?
» What kosher supervision do you have?
» My son will be living in a non-kosher place in Massachusetts for several months. Can we have meals shipped to him, and if so how?
» The item I ordered is on Does that mean I need to reorder or will the item be shipped when available.
» How shipping get calculated?
» How much is shipping and how does it work?
» Are Frozen Foods Packed in dry ice for ground shipping?
» Are any of your foods made in a nut free factory? Any foods egg free and nut free?
» where is pick-up?
» Is your solid white tuna in water Kosher for Pesach?
» Are all your products kosher?
» how to read the date on can to see if fresh?
» Can you ship frozen foods to the West Coast?
» what is the minimum amount of an order?
» Do you ship outside the US (to Israel)?
» How do i place an order?
» How do i track my order?
» How fast can i get my order?
» How do i check the status of my order?
» Do i get any kind of discount?
» I recieved my order but a few items are missing what do i do?
» I cannot remember my password what do i do now?
» The item im looking for is not on your website how can I find out if you have it?
» I ordered an item and recieved something else instead, why?
» I am ordering a gift for a client who is glatt kosher. Are all your items glatt kosher?
» Is your Sushi frozen before its delivered for safety?
» If i orderd an item but do not want it, can i send it back?
» Can I change or cancel an order?
» When is Aviglatt.com open?
» Under what supervision are you under?
» Why was i charged twice?
» I have an order ready for almost $500 why does your website want to charge me for shipping when shipping should be free for dry goods?
» If I order dairy and frozen products, can I order Thursday night ?
Is the two day shipping option okay for frozen or does it have to be overnight?
» How many people is the Shabbos meal for? How many main dishes are sent? How do I designate how many people?
» is your pastromi chicken fully smoked and cooked when sent? If not, what are the cooking instruction
» do you ship to Massachusetts
» Do you deliver to NJ (South or West Orange)?
» Until when will you be offering your 2014 passover products? Can I purchase them over the next month or so?
» I want to order something to be delivered on March 8th. to Florida. How much lead time do I need
» At one time you used to sell spinach bourekas on the website. Now only cheese, pizza, and potato varieties. Will you sell them again in the future?
» Who do you use to ship items?
» Do you ship to APO addresses?
» I notice that you offer Free ground shipping over $100. Does this include fresh and frozen food? Thanks
» do you have any sugar free passover cake mixes?
» How long is ground shipping?
» What does next day service mean?
» HOW CAN I USE MY Gift Certificate
» The scroll going across the page says free shipping over $100 but for frozen in FAQ, it says I must order next day. Are frozen orders over $100 free?
» How do I redeem my Dealfind vouchers and when do they expire?

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