Top Five Benefits Of Eating Kosher Meals
by AviGlatt  On: Wednesday 17 November, 2010

With the demand of kosher meals on the rise, you might be surprised to learn that only 15 percent of consumers buy the specialty goods for religious reasons. If youre rusty on what it means to keep kosher, here's a quick refresher: kosher foods are prepared in ways that conform to Jewish dietary rules, permitting certain animal meats to be consumed in accordance with the laws of Kashrut, which outline humane slaughtering, cleanliness, and other biblical strictures found in The Torah. Its an ethical and vigilant way of eating thats rooted in Judaism.

So why do 85 percent of people buying kosher packaged meals do so regardless of religion? The widely reported benefits of eating kosher meals are appealing in an agriculturally controversial time where you're not always sure where your food comes from and how its been handled.

Here are the top five reasons for secular kosher food consumption:

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